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Site update: March 31 2020, at 17:15 PKST
Stock update: March 31 2020.

Details for ANTM - AN Textile Mills Limited

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Officers and Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Aizad Amer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer Mr. Muh. Saqib Ehsan
Chairperson Mrs. Nazma Amer
Director Mrs. Zareen Akhtar
Director Mr. Anns Amer
Director Ms. Yusra Amer
Director Mr. Abdul Rauf
Director Syed Khalid Ali
Company Secretary Mr. Tahir Shahzad
Auditor Riaz Ahmad & Co.


Bankers Bank Al-Habib Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited Al-Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited Habib Bank Limited Meezan Bank Limited National Bank of Pakistan
Share Registrar CorpLink (Pvt.) Limited
Registered Office 35-KM Sheikhupura Rd, Tehsil Jaranwala Faisalabad.
Legal Advisors Layallpur Law Chamber Mr. Shahid Nazeer
Contacts Tel: +92-41-4713183 & 85 Fax: +92-41-4713184 Email:

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