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Recent Financial News about BAFL (Bank Alfalah Limited)

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Tuesday, April 27 2021

Bank Alfalah joins race to acquire Silkbank’s consumer portfolio
LAHORE: Silkbank Ltd’s consumer finance portfolio appears to be attracting a lot of interest from other banks these days with Bank Alfalah (BAFL) joining the race for the acquisition of SBL’s personal loans, running finance and credit card business on Monday. Habib Bank Ltd (HBL) is already carrying out due diligence of SBL’s consumer portfolio for almost two weeks now. Two separate bourse filings say BAFL has approached the Silkbank management for its concurrence to apply for permission from the State Bank of Pakistan to start due diligence. The troubled Silkbank has unsuccessfully been trying to raise funds for improving its current Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) — also known as capital to risk-weighted assets ratio — of 4.16pc. The SBP, the regulator of the banking sector, requires the commercial banks to maintain CAR at 11pc.
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