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Recent Financial News about NCL (Nishat Chunian)

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Thursday, January 13 2022

Nishat Chunian requests Nepra to add 11 new BPCs in generation licence
Nishat Chunain Limited (NCL) has requested Nepra to delete 2 Bulk Power Consumers (BPC) and add 11 new BPCs in its generation licence, a notice issued by the authority showed today. In a notice, the authority informed that NCL has communicated an LPM in the generation licence no. SGC/ 115/2016, issued on April 14, 2016. As per the notice, NCL stated that the proposed modification shall be in the public interest as it will enable the company to supply surplus power generation of the project to 11 more entities, being 16.50MW for the term of the generation licence, which shall result in a more resourceful project and the BPCs shall benefit from a continuous supply of electricity to run their businesses effectively to produce goods and materials carrying economic value. In addition, the company informed that the proposed modification will not adversely affect the tariff, quality of service and the performance of the company of its obligations under the generation licence.
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