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Recent Financial News in the 'chemical' category

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Wednesday, July 05 2017

Fertiliser sales resume after subsidy assurance
KARACHI: Fertiliser manufacturers on Tuesday decided to resume sales of urea after the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Food Security and Research gave an assurance to issue a subsidy notification within the next 10 days. The subsidy notification has faced procedural delays by concerned ministries and had to be issued before June 30, 2017 for disbursement of new subsidy scheme announced in budget 2017-18. The industry had earlier decided to stop the sales of urea. The industry hopes the government would fulfill its commitment and devise a simplified way of subsidy disbursement, a press release said. Fertiliser prices in Pakistan remained capped, due to the subsidy programme – a costly and tedious exercise for the government and the fertiliser industry.
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Friday, June 30 2017

Fertiliser industry awaits subsidy notification
LAHORE: The government seems to be unwilling to issue a notification for fertiliser subsidy announced in the budget for 2017-18, said a lobby group of fertiliser manufacturers, fearing that this year too it will prove to be a mere political stunt rather than offering any significant relief to farmers. “Stakeholders in the fertiliser sector are disappointed to see that over the past two years, the government has not been able to deliver real advantages of the subsidy on urea and fertiliser,” said the Fertiliser Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC).
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