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Recent Financial News in the 'textile-spinning' category

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Thursday, May 19 2022

Colony Textile to invest Rs30mn in Stitchrite Ltd
The board of directors of Colony Textile Mills Limited (CTM) has approved an equity investment of up to Rs30 million in its wholly-owned subsidiary Stitchrite (Private) Limited through subscribing to the 3mn shares of Rs10 each against the right offer made by Stitchrite (Private) Limited. However, as per the notice issued to PSX, this approval is subject to compliance with all statutory and legal requirements.
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Monday, May 16 2022

Textile exports jump 26pc to $16bn in July-April
Exports of textile and clothing grew 25.96 per cent year-on-year to $15.98 billion in the first 10 months of this fiscal year on the back of a massive rupee depreciation and a steady rise in global demand. The textile and clothing exports grew 30.50pc year-on-year in April, showed data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Saturday. The ready-made garment exports jumped 27.95pc in value and 41.09pc in quantity during July-April 2021-22, while the export of knitwear soared 35.14pc in value but dipped 2.64pc in terms of quantity. Bedwear exports grew 19.01pc in value and 13.43pc in quantity. Towel exports were up by 19.46pc in value and 5.16pc in quantity, whereas those of cotton cloth rose by 26.81pc in value and 7.14pc in quantity.
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