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Recent Financial News in the 'transport' category

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Wednesday, January 20 2021

Marine Group presents revenue enhancement plans to Railways minister
LAHORE - Marine Group of Companies made presentations on the proposed plans for freight trains business to Azam Khan Swati, Federal Minister for Railways, during his recent visit to the Group. Aasim A. Siddiqui, chairman of the Group, welcomed the minister while Sharique Siddiqui, chief executive of Pakistan International Bulk Terminal (PIBT), and Jawaid Siddiqui, chief operating officer of Pakistan Intermodal Limited (PIL), made presentations providing a brief of the steps which, if taken with the help of private sector, can help generate substantial amount of additional revenues for Pakistan Railways. Shariq Siddiqui, in his presentation, focused on how the laying down of a 6-kilometer track to connect PIBT with the Jumma Goth junction will not only significantly increase the revenue to PR but this dedicated track will help minimize the environmental issues and reduce transportation cost of coal. Jawaid Siddiqui, in his presentation, highlighted that opportunities can be harnessed by Pakistan Railways, with the help of the private sector, by using the existing set of freight wagons locomotives and without additional investments to be made by Railways. Azam Khan Swati, accompanied on this visit by Muhammad Najeeb Haroon, MNA, and Nisar Ahmed Memon, Chief Executive of Pakistan Railways, deeply appreciated the presentations and plans aimed at generating additional revenues for Pakistan Railways.
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