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Recent Financial News about OGDC (Oil & Gas Development Corp. Limited)

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Wednesday, May 20 2020

OGDCL starts many schemes for welfare of people of Chakwal
ISLAMABAD-OGDCL, after paying 9 billion and 7 crore rupees to provincial and district government of Chakwal in respect of royalty, has started many schemes of worth 100 million on its own to boost and improve the lives of people residing in the vicinity of Rajian Oil Field, Kal Oil Field and Fimkasar Oil Field. OGDCL itself has started many scheme works worth 100 million rupees in the various areas of district Chakwal. The development works are including various social welfare schemes. An amount of 9076 million royalty and 3.2 million rupees given to DC Chakwal is additional and not included in this amount.
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