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Investing In The Stock Market

Course Overview:
It is a myth that stock market in Pakistan is a gambling den that is not based on fundamentals. However, just like the stock markets of the developed world, it is one of the best asset class available for long term investment. The objective of the course is to enable participants in becoming self-directed investors. This course will provide a practical framework of tools, techniques and strategies to analyze different investment products while providing an understanding regarding the risks and rewards of each asset class.

Application Deadline: Nov 30, 2022
Course Dates: Jan 23, 2023 - Mar 02, 2023

Market Indexes

  Current Date Change Volume Details
KSE-100 39,848.35 Mar 30 -31.54 48,906,963 History Companies
KSE-30 14,767.02 Mar 30 -4.34 30,696,454 History Companies
KMI-30 69,086.43 Mar 30 114.66 38,223,673 History Companies
PSX-KMI-ALL-SHARES 19,005.90 Mar 30 -8.13 64,719,482 History Companies
PSXDIV20 14,085.68 Mar 30 104.38 13,813,778 History Companies

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