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Stock update: January 14 2022.

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Stocks with unusual activity

These stocks show a burst of activity in the last five days (sorted by volume increase):

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SymbolName30d high30d low 5d high5d low5d avg vol30d avg vol vol increaseclose
skrs Sakrand Sugar 11.18 8.35 11.18 9.52 253,100 167,000 51.56% 10.30
spwl Saif Power Limited 22.48 17.17 22.48 21.20 404,000 265,391 52.23% 21.42
koil Kohinoor Industries 6.70 5.35 6.70 6.00 41,800 27,391 52.60% 6.40

If you were logged in, you'd see more results. There are at least 59 symbols with a burst of activity, and the highest volume increase was 360.00%. helpline: +92-42-3631-4186 (10:30am to 5:30pm)