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Recent Financial News in the 'power-gen-dist' category

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Monday, January 22 2018

Renewable energy can be delayed, but it can’t be stopped
ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Energy (Power Division) has issued a policy order recently which has drawn severe criticism from some renewable energy stakeholders as well as Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The policy order is based on decisions of the Cabinet Committee on Energy. Following are the main points carried in a circular issued on January 5.
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Policy changes in power pit centre against provinces
The government decision to introduce competition in the country’s alternative energy market must help bring down power prices, but it can hurt new investment in renewables in the short to medium-term. The move can also force a shutdown of numerous ‘initiated’ but smaller hydro, solar and wind schemes where implementation agreement (IA) or energy purchase agreement (EPA) are yet to be signed between the government and the investors. The Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) last month significantly changed the renewable energy policy of 2006 for all alternative energy sources including wind, solar, biomass, baggasse and small hydropower projects below 50 megawatt capacity.
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WAPDA to complete 2,487-MW hydel power projects by mid-2018
Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) will complete three hydel power generation projects with accumulative capacity of 2,487 megawatts (MW) by mid of year 2018. These projects included Tarbela Fourth Extension Project, Neelum-Jehlum Hydro-Power Project and 108MW Golan Gol Power Project, WADPA sources disclosed this to APP here Sunday. They said that construction / civil works on Diamer-Bhasha Dam and Mohmand Dam would also start in year 2018, and these projects would have capacity to store over nine million acre feet (maf) of water, besides generating 5,300MW of hydro electricity.
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Friday, January 19 2018

Despite ban, Punjab seeks offers for solar plants
LAHORE: Punjab Energy Secretary Asad Rehman Gillani has invited private sector to utilise the rooftops of public buildings across the province for renewable energy generation by installing solar panels. The offer indicates that the provincial government still backs the investors in their drive to explore avenues of investment in renewable energy, though the federal energy committee has imposed a ban on installing solar power plants. “We will try to fix things with the federal government and will give more facilities to the investors looking to explore the renewable energy potential in the province,” Gillani said while speaking to the business community at a ceremony marking the start of a 12-megawatt solar farm.
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Pepco sets up special monitoring cell to enforce zero loadshedding
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) has established special monitoring cell headed by GM/chief engineer to execute the constraints removal by the DISCOs at the end of March 2018 enabling to enforce zero loadshedding on 0-10% losses feeders across the country. On the directions of the federal minister for power division all distribution companies have established special constraint removal war rooms (CRWR). The directions were passed in a special meeting with all the CEOs, technical staff associated with distribution network, PEPCO and other concerned officials at the power division here today. The DISCOs are further directed to equip the constraint removal war rooms with CCTV cameras connected with centralised monitoring system via communication link of Power information Technology Company (PITC) for continued monitoring by the federal minister for power division himself. The CCTV cameras will have direct access through smart mobile of the federal minister for power division.
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