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Site update: January 15 2021, at 18:00 PKST
Stock update: January 15 2021.

Recent Financial News in the 'tech-comm' category

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Friday, January 15 2021

PTCL integrated telecom services license renewed for 25 years
ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has renewed its integrated telecom services license with Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) for next 25 years. PTCL had initiated the renewal process by formally requesting PTA on June 29, 2018. After conclusion of the ongoing discussions, the license is now renewed in accordance with the existing government policies. PTCL, being the backbone of connectivity in the country, is at the forefront to provide uninterrupted and better quality of services to the people of Pakistan. Seamless and reliable connectivity provided by PTCL is playing a key role in bringing economic and social uplift in the country. Aligned with the Prime Minister’s vision of a Digital Pakistan, the national carrier is undertaking a strategic approach to roll out fiber network across Pakistan. It will not only support the business community, but will also ensure convenience and ease for customers through provision of unlimited high-speed internet.
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Friday, January 08 2021

Govt working hard for promotion of IT industry
ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Secretary Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui said that the government is working hard for the promotion of the IT industry. He made these remarks while addressing at the inaugural ceremony of Fazal Software Technology Park at I-9 Industrial Area, Islamabad. He said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has the vision to promote IT Industry and in this connection Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom and Pakistan Software Export Board are focusing on the promotion of this sector. He said that a new Industrial Park is being established at Chak Shahzad, Islamabad. He said that the Government is also working on the payment gateways to resolve the payment issues of the IT industry. He proposed that a forum should be created for ease of doing business including PASHA and other relevant organisations.
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Thursday, January 07 2021

Pakistan embraces digitalisation in 2020
While 2020 can be termed a hazardous year for most sectors of the economy, it has been phenomenal for steering digitalisation and giving a boost to e-commerce in Pakistan. Following the Covid-19 outbreak in Pakistan in late February, many businesses began implementing work-from-home models and a majority found it a viable option. Around mid-March, the government announced a full-fledged lockdown across the country, which prompted businesses to either operate from home or close down temporarily till the restrictions were lifted. It was this turning point when digitalisation in the country recorded a steep rise. An industry source, heading an e-commerce-based start-up, termed 2020 the year in which the pace of digitalisation accelerated and people skewed more towards adopting digital solutions in Pakistan.
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Payments to lead the tech wave
Any attempt to write about 2020 is an overwhelming exercise given that so many once-a-decade events took place in a span of a few months. Perhaps nowhere else was that noticeable more than in technology, which came to be the defining feature of our lives. Whether it was little kids waking up to attend a Zoom lecture or coordinating work meetings over Meets, tech’s adoption saw a major spike. Pakistan was no exception to this phenomenon as people increasingly turned towards technology, be it by choice or necessity, during lockdowns and self-imposed distancing. People from the industry were quick to point out how Covid-19 will usher in a new age of digitisation and with it, a truly behavioural shift.
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Monday, January 04 2021

IT industry growth surpassing all traditional sectors
ISLAMABAD - Minister for Information Technology and Telecom Syed Amin Ul Haque on Sunday said the recent growth of Information Technology (IT) industry was remarkable and surpassing all traditional sectors. “Recent growth figures of our IT Industry are remarkable and surpassing all traditional sectors in the country,” the Minister said while attending a ceremony organized by a celebratory. He was of the view that this was the right time for the country’s traditional sectors to consider the potential of IT exports business in Pakistan, said a press release. “With the overwhelming business response, Pakistan needs serious investments in branding, infrastructure and capacity building and other resources, not only from government but also from the private sector” he added. The minister also acknowledged and applauded Systems Ltd. recent award-winning as Forbes Asia’s best under a billion 2020 award. Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion list aims to honour the high achievers of the region across different industries.
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