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Recent Financial News in the 'stock-exchanges' category

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Tuesday, March 12 2019

Market watch: KSE-100 inches down amid massive foreign selling
KARACHI: The stock market had another dull session on Monday as many investors stayed away in the absence of major triggers and the benchmark index finished its fifth successive session in the negative territory. Despite a bullish open, the KSE-100 index failed to sustain the momentum and fell into the red zone. Investors cheered news of expected inflow of $4.1 billion, which would boost foreign currency reserves of Pakistan. However, weak domestic cues and a lack of triggers sparked selling pressure. Sentiments were further dented as India announced that it had blocked Pakistan’s waters from its three eastern rivers. At the end of trading, the benchmark KSE 100-share Index recorded a decrease of 26.12 points, or 0.07%, to settle at 38,924.11.
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PSX close of day
KARACHI: BRINDEX-30 closed on the upper side on Monday at 21,214.28 points with a positive change of 57.89 and volume of 44,357,100 shares. High and Low were 21,369.49 and 21,184.37 respectively. Of 30 companies traded, 18 were up, 12 were down and 0 was unchanged. Total volume traded in the market was 67,742,960 shares. Total companies traded were 339 of which 148 were positive, 167 were negative and 24 were unchanged. Commercial Banks was the top traded sector with total traded volume of 21,093,400 shares. It was followed by Cement with a total traded volume of 7,591,400 shares.
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Shares bounce after worst week of year, Brexit stresses sterling
LONDON: Talk of more stimulus from China helped world share markets regain some ground on Monday after a slew of concerning economic data and growth warnings from central banks triggered their worst weekly performance so far this year. China’s main bourses made back almost half the 4 percent they lost in Friday’s mauling as the country’s central bank chief pledged more support, but not everywhere was so spritely. The pan-European STOXX 600 barely managed a 0.2 percent gain in early trade as an unexpected drop in German industrial data also kept the euro near a 20-month low and nudged Bund yields back toward zero. London’s FTSE made a more impressive 0.8 percent but that was partly the flip side of a near three-week low for the pound as the chances of Prime Minister Theresa securing support for her Brexit deal at home this week looked increasingly dim. Britain is due to leave the EU in 18 days. Kallum Pickering, an economist at Berenberg, said a delay to Brexit would be modestly positive for sterling as it would cut the near-term risk of the UK leaving without a transition period in place to minimise economic disruption.
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Stocks post marginal losses amid lack of triggers
KARACHI: The stock market remained in search of direction on Monday with the KSE-100 index closing about flat with slight setback of 26.12 points (0.07pc) at 38,924.11. The market took off to a positive start on the assertion of Finance Minister Asad Umar over the weekend that the country would receive $4.1 billion soon. Fresh receipts were seen to be able to swell the foreign exchange reserves to over $12bn and the index recorded intraday gains of 196 points. But the positive effect soon wore off and market succumbed to selling pressure to touch intraday low by 74 points. Investors were concerned over further weakening in macros and the delay in getting International Monetary Fund package. On the political side, there was a sense of relief over the de-escalation of hostilities with India, though the belligerent neighbour threatened to block Pakistan’s waters from its eastern rivers.
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Stock market loses 26 points
ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Monday continued to witness bearish trend as KSE 100-index fell by 26.12 points (0.07 percent) to close at 38,924 points. The market opened with 38,950 points, bounced by 196 points during the first hour of the business, taking the total index to 39,146 points. During some day hours, the markets moved down and index decreased by 40 points taking the total index to 38,909 points. The second session also witnessed negative trend and at one point the market lost 67 points which takes the index to 38,882 points. Overall after the first hour of business the market kept moving in negative drift which continued till the end and 100 index closed with negative 26 points. The KSE 30 index and KSE all shares index also witnessed the negative trends and decreased by 20.49 and 11.69 points, closing at 18559.88 and 28508.51 points respectively. In overall 32,214 trades, a total of 67,742,960 shares were traded, whereas the value of shares traded during the day stood at Rs 3.303 billion. Out of 339 companies, share prices of 148 companies recorded increase while 167 companies registered decrease whereas 24 companies remained stable.
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