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Site update: June 24 2019, at 17:00 PKST
Stock update: June 24 2019.

Stock Market Index Information for KMI-30

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Index companies and valuations: KSE-100 KSE-30 KMI-30 PSX-KMI-ALL-SHARES

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Monday, June 24 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances41 Current55,144.34
Volume35,248,120 Declines257 High56,846.80
Value2,055,472,552.00 Unchanged21 Low55,060.22
Trades32,038 Total319 Change-1,561.87

Friday, June 21 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances119 Current56,706.21
Volume55,029,520 Declines160 High56,875.85
Value3,078,710,724.00 Unchanged23 Low56,223.50
Trades39,638 Total302 Change482.71

Thursday, June 20 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current56,223.50
Volume58,573,760 Declines0 High56,570.93
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low55,435.38
Trades0 Total0 Change788.12

Wednesday, June 19 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances123 Current55,435.38
Volume40,982,460 Declines189 High55,742.45
Value2,174,764,871.00 Unchanged21 Low55,213.27
Trades39,451 Total333 Change189.45

Tuesday, June 18 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances64 Current55,245.93
Volume56,648,660 Declines221 High56,310.26
Value2,840,268,613.00 Unchanged22 Low55,075.53
Trades46,996 Total307 Change-1,058.65

Monday, June 17 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances91 Current56,304.58
Volume51,344,300 Declines226 High57,195.19
Value2,742,339,783.00 Unchanged23 Low56,229.62
Trades44,379 Total340 Change-759.97

Friday, June 14 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances149 Current57,064.55
Volume90,974,980 Declines160 High57,425.86
Value5,784,371,066.00 Unchanged23 Low56,471.43
Trades63,300 Total332 Change441.09

Thursday, June 13 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current56,623.46
Volume74,782,240 Declines0 High56,807.83
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low55,370.52
Trades0 Total0 Change1,086.65

Wednesday, June 12 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current55,536.81
Volume63,297,540 Declines0 High56,116.18
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low54,678.10
Trades0 Total0 Change676.57

Tuesday, June 11 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances161 Current54,860.24
Volume54,651,260 Declines115 High55,326.45
Value2,632,200,360.00 Unchanged20 Low53,747.93
Trades51,915 Total296 Change345.12

Monday, June 10 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances56 Current54,515.12
Volume47,219,880 Declines228 High56,531.83
Value2,174,652,668.00 Unchanged21 Low54,370.76
Trades31,789 Total305 Change-2,016.71

Monday, June 03 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances102 Current56,531.83
Volume42,725,500 Declines154 High58,233.69
Value2,629,623,614.00 Unchanged19 Low56,409.70
Trades37,847 Total275 Change-1,701.86

Thursday, May 30 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current58,233.69
Volume101,235,800 Declines0 High59,759.44
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low57,820.61
Trades0 Total0 Change-102.42

Wednesday, May 29 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances232 Current58,336.11
Volume75,238,320 Declines73 High58,405.46
Value4,273,736,898.00 Unchanged17 Low55,997.12
Trades55,014 Total322 Change2,338.99

Tuesday, May 28 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances68 Current55,997.12
Volume76,697,060 Declines271 High57,663.59
Value4,862,062,995.00 Unchanged22 Low55,898.09
Trades56,113 Total361 Change-1,618.82

Monday, May 27 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances149 Current57,615.94
Volume0 Declines155 High57,956.29
Value0.00 Unchanged14 Low57,230.14
Trades44,787 Total318 Change175.70

Friday, May 24 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current57,440.24
Volume57,350,160 Declines0 High57,670.01
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low56,898.91
Trades0 Total0 Change-116.06

Thursday, May 23 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances239 Current57,556.30
Volume0 Declines86 High57,844.64
Value0.00 Unchanged19 Low55,866.34
Trades0 Total344 Change1,689.96

Wednesday, May 22 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances274 Current55,866.34
Volume62,188,140 Declines54 High55,954.69
Value2,591,410,946.00 Unchanged10 Low53,192.46
Trades48,681 Total338 Change2,673.88

Monday, May 20 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances189 Current52,059.35
Volume0 Declines113 High52,291.06
Value0.00 Unchanged17 Low50,102.47
Trades50,800 Total319 Change96.20

Friday, May 17 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current51,963.15
Volume40,247,200 Declines0 High53,806.29
Value1,753,445,582.00 Unchanged0 Low51,809.42
Trades0 Total0 Change-1,843.14

Thursday, May 16 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances45 Current53,806.29
Volume51,037,160 Declines266 High54,604.72
Value2,259,366,251.00 Unchanged9 Low52,983.13
Trades0 Total320 Change-486.38

Wednesday, May 15 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances219 Current54,292.67
Volume57,472,380 Declines98 High54,724.66
Value2,847,325,034.00 Unchanged10 Low52,837.79
Trades0 Total327 Change1,454.88

Tuesday, May 14 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current52,837.79
Volume53,526,480 Declines0 High53,227.53
Value2,830,437,736.00 Unchanged0 Low52,474.56
Trades0 Total0 Change69.81

Monday, May 13 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current52,767.98
Volume55,631,480 Declines0 High55,244.83
Value2,821,900,511.00 Unchanged0 Low52,599.99
Trades0 Total0 Change-1,633.19

Friday, May 10 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current54,401.17
Volume19,754,040 Declines0 High54,982.82
Value1,072,181,265.00 Unchanged0 Low54,294.59
Trades0 Total0 Change-557.60

Thursday, May 09 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current54,958.77
Volume40,651,840 Declines0 High55,578.45
Value2,404,388,184.00 Unchanged0 Low54,342.69
Trades0 Total0 Change208.22

Wednesday, May 08 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current54,750.55
Volume58,988,840 Declines0 High56,096.83
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low54,335.44
Trades0 Total0 Change-1,279.02

Tuesday, May 07 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current56,029.57
Volume32,642,600 Declines0 High56,956.16
Value1,413,393,514.00 Unchanged0 Low55,914.04
Trades0 Total0 Change-629.89

Monday, May 06 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current56,659.46
Volume29,611,460 Declines0 High57,977.90
Value1,556,103,501.00 Unchanged0 Low56,542.97
Trades0 Total0 Change-1,220.32

Friday, May 03 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current57,879.78
Volume22,532,120 Declines0 High58,850.80
Value1,585,816,616.00 Unchanged0 Low57,765.38
Trades0 Total0 Change-971.02

Thursday, May 02 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances86 Current58,850.80
Volume25,242,500 Declines207 High59,567.35
Value1,283,513,583.00 Unchanged19 Low58,794.52
Trades39,019 Total312 Change-362.45

Tuesday, April 30 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances97 Current59,213.25
Volume42,377,300 Declines197 High60,030.42
Value2,391,920,982.00 Unchanged18 Low59,134.73
Trades68,751 Total312 Change-817.17

Monday, April 29 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances168 Current60,030.42
Volume89,294,000 Declines144 High61,144.95
Value3,832,845,547.00 Unchanged19 Low59,833.30
Trades90,919 Total331 Change-401.82

Friday, April 26 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances218 Current60,432.24
Volume51,392,860 Declines82 High60,527.71
Value2,913,568,894.00 Unchanged21 Low59,699.84
Trades93,190 Total321 Change684.39

Thursday, April 25 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances201 Current59,787.49
Volume40,326,060 Declines108 High60,086.44
Value2,070,191,849.00 Unchanged13 Low58,993.34
Trades70,947 Total322 Change345.46

Wednesday, April 24 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances126 Current59,442.03
Volume48,415,900 Declines167 High60,101.00
Value2,295,498,193.00 Unchanged21 Low59,081.92
Trades84,787 Total314 Change166.76

Tuesday, April 23 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances65 Current59,275.27
Volume62,582,020 Declines232 High60,339.45
Value3,163,518,991.00 Unchanged20 Low58,690.75
Trades75,959 Total317 Change-1,017.64

Monday, April 22 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances68 Current60,292.91
Volume65,157,920 Declines210 High61,339.17
Value2,640,201,132.00 Unchanged16 Low60,202.12
Trades78,915 Total294 Change-651.49

Friday, April 19 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances219 Current60,944.40
Volume69,199,580 Declines79 High61,890.39
Value3,655,618,160.00 Unchanged16 Low60,291.74
Trades83,490 Total314 Change652.66

Thursday, April 18 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances116 Current60,291.74
Volume62,052,460 Declines175 High60,550.15
Value2,449,303,559.00 Unchanged22 Low59,528.71
Trades84,853 Total313 Change8.07

Wednesday, April 17 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances67 Current60,283.67
Volume44,025,080 Declines265 High61,157.87
Value2,200,415,371.00 Unchanged17 Low60,097.09
Trades73,020 Total349 Change-752.61

Tuesday, April 16 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances139 Current61,036.28
Volume62,264,680 Declines176 High61,595.16
Value2,760,453,225.00 Unchanged23 Low60,958.46
Trades79,021 Total338 Change-310.03

Friday, April 12 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances253 Current61,038.90
Volume67,057,840 Declines63 High61,221.86
Value2,710,909,891.00 Unchanged16 Low59,732.15
Trades77,540 Total332 Change1,088.67

Thursday, April 11 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances160 Current59,950.23
Volume68,898,400 Declines128 High60,297.88
Value2,719,677,841.00 Unchanged28 Low59,128.91
Trades73,444 Total316 Change559.28

Wednesday, April 10 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances44 Current59,390.95
Volume49,351,620 Declines272 High60,745.17
Value2,470,898,879.00 Unchanged21 Low59,238.48
Trades60,805 Total337 Change-1,273.91

Tuesday, April 09 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances160 Current60,664.86
Volume71,101,900 Declines147 High61,039.70
Value3,661,296,178.00 Unchanged29 Low59,503.07
Trades83,300 Total336 Change411.42

Monday, April 08 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances57 Current60,253.44
Volume49,237,520 Declines265 High61,749.98
Value2,525,643,938.00 Unchanged15 Low60,078.13
Trades56,089 Total337 Change-1,377.02

Friday, April 05 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances142 Current61,630.46
Volume31,278,880 Declines140 High61,872.22
Value1,550,159,014.00 Unchanged16 Low61,103.72
Trades51,464 Total298 Change153.60

Thursday, April 04 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances56 Current61,476.86
Volume36,820,020 Declines254 High62,569.12
Value1,718,093,014.00 Unchanged30 Low61,314.30
Trades54,377 Total340 Change-1,054.21

Wednesday, April 03 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances127 Current62,531.07
Volume38,991,200 Declines165 High62,652.39
Value2,209,924,444.00 Unchanged27 Low61,998.03
Trades57,360 Total319 Change329.77

Tuesday, April 02 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances76 Current62,201.30
Volume40,329,840 Declines220 High63,273.06
Value2,274,707,926.00 Unchanged23 Low61,996.79
Trades55,890 Total319 Change-508.97

Monday, April 01 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances59 Current62,710.27
Volume25,254,420 Declines220 High63,313.99
Value1,680,099,011.00 Unchanged16 Low62,626.51
Trades38,915 Total295 Change-603.72

Friday, March 29 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances166 Current63,313.99
Volume44,706,760 Declines119 High63,509.69
Value2,683,661,852.00 Unchanged22 Low62,903.10
Trades83,349 Total307 Change301.84

Thursday, March 28 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances79 Current63,012.15
Volume29,989,960 Declines218 High64,081.55
Value2,402,968,580.00 Unchanged15 Low62,826.10
Trades74,388 Total312 Change-1,069.40

Wednesday, March 27 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances245 Current64,081.55
Volume58,461,480 Declines65 High64,168.92
Value3,688,257,817.00 Unchanged21 Low62,488.38
Trades99,232 Total331 Change1,593.17

Tuesday, March 26 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances172 Current62,488.38
Volume33,454,100 Declines130 High62,610.93
Value2,141,633,405.00 Unchanged31 Low61,747.39
Trades65,794 Total333 Change582.17

Monday, March 25 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances62 Current61,906.21
Volume21,277,040 Declines219 High62,969.42
Value1,541,663,958.00 Unchanged21 Low61,799.19
Trades53,496 Total302 Change-1,063.21

Friday, March 22 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances133 Current62,969.42
Volume28,858,920 Declines155 High63,506.00
Value2,867,889,003.00 Unchanged27 Low62,478.25
Trades47,709 Total315 Change491.17

Thursday, March 21 2019 KMI-30

StateSuspended Advances121 Current62,478.25
Volume35,471,300 Declines184 High63,077.03
Value2,668,589,775.00 Unchanged16 Low62,246.40
Trades56,677 Total321 Change-460.53 helpline: +92-42-3631-4186 (10:30am to 5:30pm)