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Site update: July 22 2019, at 17:00 PKST
Stock update: July 22 2019.

Stock Market Index Information for KSE-100

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Index companies and valuations: KSE-100 KSE-30 KMI-30 PSX-KMI-ALL-SHARES

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Monday, July 22 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances149 Current32,584.55
Volume38,193,800 Declines124 High32,735.83
Value1,880,600,538.00 Unchanged27 Low32,391.55
Trades24,876 Total300 Change125.78

Friday, July 19 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances130 Current32,458.77
Volume106,280,672 Declines130 High32,549.31
Value0.00 Unchanged34 Low31,901.28
Trades0 Total294 Change149.23

Thursday, July 18 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances31 Current32,309.54
Volume71,672,300 Declines250 High33,014.74
Value3,613,069,634.00 Unchanged18 Low32,223.54
Trades31,506 Total299 Change-672.45

Wednesday, July 17 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current32,981.99
Volume93,751,480 Declines0 High33,381.32
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low32,835.05
Trades0 Total0 Change9.97

Tuesday, July 16 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances128 Current32,972.02
Volume119,497,230 Declines153 High33,093.79
Value4,279,587,190.00 Unchanged19 Low32,604.64
Trades49,953 Total300 Change13.67

Monday, July 15 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances35 Current32,958.35
Volume52,230,130 Declines247 High33,672.49
Value2,214,718,337.00 Unchanged10 Low32,895.82
Trades24,363 Total292 Change-714.14

Friday, July 12 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances61 Current33,672.49
Volume43,369,560 Declines198 High34,001.76
Value2,150,709,687.00 Unchanged25 Low33,599.48
Trades23,997 Total284 Change-202.91

Thursday, July 11 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances107 Current33,875.40
Volume23,393,880 Declines153 High33,957.79
Value1,295,568,132.00 Unchanged24 Low33,724.98
Trades18,307 Total284 Change35.35

Wednesday, July 10 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances115 Current33,840.05
Volume25,847,410 Declines149 High33,955.00
Value1,474,298,816.00 Unchanged22 Low33,796.91
Trades19,105 Total286 Change-15.53

Tuesday, July 09 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances136 Current33,855.58
Volume48,350,960 Declines137 High34,051.01
Value2,288,784,372.00 Unchanged22 Low33,656.21
Trades29,911 Total295 Change112.90

Monday, July 08 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances57 Current33,742.68
Volume46,790,340 Declines217 High34,229.63
Value2,177,515,835.00 Unchanged23 Low33,686.20
Trades23,148 Total297 Change-447.34

Friday, July 05 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current34,190.02
Volume42,323,208 Declines0 High34,570.62
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low34,062.98
Trades0 Total0 Change-380.60

Thursday, July 04 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances59 Current34,570.62
Volume88,946,330 Declines221 High35,279.32
Value3,953,053,927.00 Unchanged18 Low34,466.62
Trades47,583 Total298 Change-325.93

Wednesday, July 03 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances209 Current34,896.55
Volume99,301,550 Declines85 High34,938.44
Value4,332,580,438.00 Unchanged13 Low34,307.11
Trades51,242 Total307 Change589.44

Tuesday, July 02 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances175 Current34,307.11
Volume73,910,780 Declines92 High34,340.23
Value2,853,234,971.00 Unchanged26 Low33,918.97
Trades35,592 Total293 Change310.78

Monday, July 01 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances135 Current33,996.33
Volume37,683,170 Declines152 High34,068.58
Value1,582,493,851.00 Unchanged22 Low33,825.85
Trades23,264 Total309 Change94.75

Friday, June 28 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances185 Current33,901.58
Volume149,239,500 Declines111 High33,936.23
Value5,916,036,744.00 Unchanged26 Low33,409.50
Trades49,483 Total322 Change127.15

Thursday, June 27 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances129 Current33,774.42
Volume111,731,650 Declines156 High34,261.92
Value4,215,408,401.00 Unchanged22 Low33,521.38
Trades40,218 Total307 Change-314.14

Wednesday, June 26 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances101 Current34,088.56
Volume115,483,370 Declines201 High34,290.58
Value4,417,943,618.00 Unchanged36 Low33,731.94
Trades41,111 Total338 Change-102.06

Tuesday, June 25 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances110 Current34,190.62
Volume106,958,670 Declines182 High34,471.95
Value3,760,954,275.00 Unchanged34 Low33,984.60
Trades40,441 Total326 Change-281.33

Monday, June 24 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances41 Current34,471.95
Volume58,098,190 Declines257 High35,194.64
Value2,653,479,113.00 Unchanged21 Low34,368.46
Trades32,038 Total319 Change-653.30

Friday, June 21 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances119 Current35,125.25
Volume81,666,780 Declines160 High35,207.59
Value3,940,855,882.00 Unchanged23 Low34,995.91
Trades39,638 Total302 Change129.34

Thursday, June 20 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current34,995.91
Volume91,967,352 Declines0 High35,061.54
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low34,645.96
Trades0 Total0 Change339.79

Wednesday, June 19 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances123 Current34,656.12
Volume74,198,550 Declines189 High34,813.90
Value3,141,023,668.00 Unchanged21 Low34,522.41
Trades39,451 Total333 Change-25.60

Tuesday, June 18 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances64 Current34,681.72
Volume82,051,800 Declines221 High35,186.09
Value3,610,640,693.00 Unchanged22 Low34,608.61
Trades46,996 Total307 Change-487.10

Monday, June 17 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances91 Current35,168.82
Volume87,297,950 Declines226 High35,625.47
Value4,337,958,197.00 Unchanged23 Low35,110.73
Trades44,379 Total340 Change-404.13

Friday, June 14 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances149 Current35,572.95
Volume129,022,750 Declines160 High35,659.35
Value6,961,352,706.00 Unchanged23 Low35,295.64
Trades63,300 Total332 Change169.88

Thursday, June 13 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current35,403.07
Volume118,453,296 Declines0 High35,501.37
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low34,858.14
Trades0 Total0 Change465.14

Wednesday, June 12 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current34,937.93
Volume113,438,224 Declines0 High35,137.56
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low34,607.71
Trades0 Total0 Change278.08

Tuesday, June 11 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances161 Current34,659.85
Volume93,100,110 Declines115 High34,798.60
Value3,890,087,813.00 Unchanged20 Low34,267.59
Trades51,915 Total296 Change92.30

Monday, June 10 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances56 Current34,567.55
Volume74,886,380 Declines228 High35,505.29
Value3,314,541,513.00 Unchanged21 Low34,468.16
Trades31,789 Total305 Change-937.74

Monday, June 03 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances102 Current35,505.29
Volume92,620,150 Declines154 High35,974.79
Value4,455,887,187.00 Unchanged19 Low35,425.32
Trades37,847 Total275 Change-469.50

Thursday, May 30 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current35,974.79
Volume175,972,528 Declines0 High36,536.78
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low35,655.25
Trades0 Total0 Change15.36

Wednesday, May 29 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances232 Current35,959.43
Volume151,479,000 Declines73 High35,993.61
Value7,191,722,863.00 Unchanged17 Low34,949.28
Trades55,014 Total322 Change1,010.15

Tuesday, May 28 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances68 Current34,949.28
Volume122,791,520 Declines271 High35,709.12
Value6,890,694,677.00 Unchanged22 Low34,900.07
Trades56,113 Total361 Change-748.09

Monday, May 27 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances149 Current35,697.37
Volume0 Declines155 High35,892.29
Value0.00 Unchanged14 Low35,610.41
Trades44,787 Total318 Change-6.44

Friday, May 24 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current35,703.81
Volume110,357,800 Declines0 High35,766.70
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low35,435.91
Trades0 Total0 Change122.47

Thursday, May 23 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances239 Current35,581.34
Volume0 Declines86 High35,631.13
Value0.00 Unchanged19 Low34,637.14
Trades0 Total344 Change944.20

Wednesday, May 22 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances274 Current34,637.14
Volume140,769,070 Declines54 High34,698.56
Value4,812,162,374.00 Unchanged10 Low33,442.10
Trades48,681 Total338 Change1,195.04

Monday, May 20 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances189 Current33,250.54
Volume0 Declines113 High33,322.39
Value0.00 Unchanged17 Low32,352.40
Trades50,800 Total319 Change83.92

Friday, May 17 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current33,166.62
Volume63,321,430 Declines0 High33,971.12
Value2,757,539,119.00 Unchanged0 Low33,005.99
Trades0 Total0 Change-804.50

Thursday, May 16 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances45 Current33,971.12
Volume85,082,260 Declines266 High34,416.46
Value3,485,447,104.00 Unchanged9 Low33,574.85
Trades0 Total320 Change-320.53

Wednesday, May 15 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances219 Current34,291.65
Volume34,292 Declines98 High3,443.91
Value4,167,578,244.00 Unchanged10 Low33,885.09
Trades0 Total327 Change406.56

Tuesday, May 14 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current33,885.09
Volume82,182,390 Declines0 High34,067.27
Value3,862,593,769.00 Unchanged0 Low33,691.66
Trades0 Total0 Change-15.29

Monday, May 13 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current33,900.38
Volume89,963,030 Declines0 High35,227.92
Value4,755,925,798.00 Unchanged0 Low33,779.66
Trades0 Total0 Change-816.15

Friday, May 10 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current34,716.53
Volume30,122,890 Declines0 High34,887.64
Value1,554,070,032.00 Unchanged0 Low34,646.97
Trades0 Total0 Change-171.11

Thursday, May 09 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current34,887.64
Volume60,134,240 Declines0 High35,300.26
Value3,284,882,126.00 Unchanged0 Low34,828.94
Trades0 Total0 Change-147.39

Wednesday, May 08 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current35,035.03
Volume86,754,152 Declines0 High35,697.73
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low34,849.84
Trades0 Total0 Change-596.03

Tuesday, May 07 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current35,631.06
Volume54,578,960 Declines0 High35,806.33
Value2,481,822,654.00 Unchanged0 Low35,491.20
Trades0 Total0 Change25.64

Monday, May 06 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current35,605.42
Volume54,352,180 Declines0 High36,191.43
Value2,864,734,902.00 Unchanged0 Low35,570.38
Trades0 Total0 Change-517.53

Friday, May 03 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances0 Current36,122.95
Volume48,576,200 Declines0 High36,556.42
Value2,594,716,786.00 Unchanged0 Low36,071.10
Trades0 Total0 Change-424.68

Thursday, May 02 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances86 Current36,547.63
Volume50,973,850 Declines207 High36,857.75
Value2,219,533,211.00 Unchanged19 Low36,508.22
Trades39,019 Total312 Change-236.81

Tuesday, April 30 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances97 Current36,784.44
Volume82,525,860 Declines197 High37,037.30
Value3,992,777,923.00 Unchanged18 Low36,708.20
Trades68,751 Total312 Change-241.83

Monday, April 29 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances168 Current37,026.27
Volume132,607,150 Declines144 High37,437.72
Value5,407,853,171.00 Unchanged19 Low36,949.92
Trades90,919 Total331 Change-104.36

Friday, April 26 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances218 Current37,130.63
Volume109,320,020 Declines82 High37,158.35
Value4,593,005,844.00 Unchanged21 Low36,787.44
Trades93,190 Total321 Change334.60

Thursday, April 25 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances201 Current36,805.53
Volume84,248,190 Declines108 High36,944.63
Value3,929,623,122.00 Unchanged13 Low36,504.25
Trades70,947 Total322 Change301.28

Wednesday, April 24 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances126 Current36,504.25
Volume93,223,670 Declines167 High36,733.05
Value4,130,612,886.00 Unchanged21 Low36,332.28
Trades84,787 Total314 Change100.22

Tuesday, April 23 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances65 Current36,404.03
Volume95,416,280 Declines232 High36,911.61
Value4,645,324,837.00 Unchanged20 Low36,136.11
Trades75,959 Total317 Change-497.66

Monday, April 22 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances68 Current36,901.69
Volume104,275,390 Declines210 High37,479.27
Value4,175,864,333.00 Unchanged16 Low36,839.29
Trades78,915 Total294 Change-390.78

Friday, April 19 2019 KSE-100

StateSuspended Advances219 Current37,292.47
Volume139,073,610 Declines79 High37,729.12
Value6,084,228,833.00 Unchanged16 Low36,811.86
Trades83,490 Total314 Change480.61 helpline: +92-42-3631-4186 (10:30am to 5:30pm)