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Site update: June 24 2019, at 17:00 PKST
Stock update: June 24 2019.

Stock Market Index Information for KSE-30

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Index companies and valuations: KSE-100 KSE-30 KMI-30 PSX-KMI-ALL-SHARES

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Monday, June 24 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances41 Current16,287.45
Volume35,296,270 Declines257 High16,668.59
Value2,201,515,371.00 Unchanged21 Low16,263.58
Trades32,038 Total319 Change-344.32

Friday, June 21 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances119 Current16,631.77
Volume51,316,570 Declines160 High16,700.61
Value3,330,189,751.00 Unchanged23 Low16,545.73
Trades39,638 Total302 Change86.04

Thursday, June 20 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,545.73
Volume56,563,360 Declines0 High16,618.16
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low16,344.55
Trades0 Total0 Change194.39

Wednesday, June 19 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances123 Current16,351.34
Volume53,579,360 Declines189 High16,441.28
Value2,475,678,412.00 Unchanged21 Low16,319.64
Trades39,451 Total333 Change-3.51

Tuesday, June 18 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances64 Current16,354.85
Volume55,665,160 Declines221 High16,604.06
Value2,982,124,846.00 Unchanged22 Low16,312.17
Trades46,996 Total307 Change-239.66

Monday, June 17 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances91 Current16,594.51
Volume60,754,600 Declines226 High16,832.51
Value3,064,370,966.00 Unchanged23 Low16,579.49
Trades44,379 Total340 Change-209.25

Friday, June 14 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances149 Current16,803.76
Volume91,794,430 Declines160 High16,885.44
Value5,745,330,750.00 Unchanged23 Low16,672.20
Trades63,300 Total332 Change90.93

Thursday, June 13 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,712.83
Volume76,023,240 Declines0 High16,803.63
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low16,404.52
Trades0 Total0 Change205.17

Wednesday, June 12 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,507.66
Volume74,950,240 Declines0 High16,580.28
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low16,279.66
Trades0 Total0 Change193.73

Tuesday, June 11 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances161 Current16,313.93
Volume49,861,660 Declines115 High16,416.61
Value3,009,914,821.00 Unchanged20 Low16,135.55
Trades51,915 Total296 Change37.70

Monday, June 10 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances56 Current16,276.23
Volume35,705,930 Declines228 High16,787.69
Value2,744,506,164.00 Unchanged21 Low16,235.41
Trades31,789 Total305 Change-511.46

Monday, June 03 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances102 Current16,787.69
Volume69,215,200 Declines154 High17,155.60
Value3,802,439,395.00 Unchanged19 Low16,739.61
Trades37,847 Total275 Change-367.91

Thursday, May 30 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current17,155.60
Volume115,445,752 Declines0 High17,512.47
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low17,031.59
Trades0 Total0 Change-24.24

Wednesday, May 29 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances232 Current17,179.84
Volume91,972,720 Declines73 High17,215.78
Value5,695,328,100.00 Unchanged17 Low16,601.94
Trades55,014 Total322 Change577.90

Tuesday, May 28 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances68 Current16,601.94
Volume85,012,560 Declines271 High17,044.92
Value5,871,784,081.00 Unchanged22 Low16,558.24
Trades56,113 Total361 Change-442.98

Monday, May 27 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances149 Current17,044.92
Volume0 Declines155 High17,167.77
Value0.00 Unchanged14 Low16,994.66
Trades44,787 Total318 Change-18.17

Friday, May 24 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current17,063.09
Volume62,009,408 Declines0 High17,110.13
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low16,919.74
Trades0 Total0 Change48.58

Thursday, May 23 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances239 Current17,014.51
Volume0 Declines86 High17,076.47
Value0.00 Unchanged19 Low16,512.21
Trades0 Total344 Change502.30

Wednesday, May 22 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances274 Current16,512.21
Volume74,725,040 Declines54 High16,563.17
Value3,713,746,364.00 Unchanged10 Low15,881.02
Trades48,681 Total338 Change631.19

Monday, May 20 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances189 Current15,752.53
Volume0 Declines113 High15,797.51
Value0.00 Unchanged17 Low15,299.24
Trades50,800 Total319 Change18.82

Friday, May 17 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current15,733.71
Volume26,327,100 Declines0 High16,159.11
Value2,240,156,585.00 Unchanged0 Low15,709.43
Trades0 Total0 Change-425.40

Thursday, May 16 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances45 Current16,159.11
Volume37,192,210 Declines266 High16,345.90
Value2,651,723,917.00 Unchanged9 Low15,926.36
Trades0 Total320 Change-122.88

Wednesday, May 15 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances219 Current16,281.99
Volume51,567,380 Declines98 High16,393.20
Value3,082,654,070.00 Unchanged10 Low16,041.70
Trades0 Total327 Change240.29

Tuesday, May 14 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,041.70
Volume46,605,930 Declines0 High16,121.77
Value3,028,242,760.00 Unchanged0 Low15,933.47
Trades0 Total0 Change19.27

Monday, May 13 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,022.43
Volume52,091,280 Declines0 High16,666.29
Value3,897,431,423.00 Unchanged0 Low15,976.25
Trades0 Total0 Change-364.23

Friday, May 10 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,386.66
Volume13,502,790 Declines0 High16,493.52
Value1,131,230,154.00 Unchanged0 Low16,348.48
Trades0 Total0 Change-106.86

Thursday, May 09 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,493.52
Volume34,139,740 Declines0 High16,716.37
Value2,534,008,798.00 Unchanged0 Low16,428.54
Trades0 Total0 Change-58.10

Wednesday, May 08 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,551.62
Volume43,840,140 Declines0 High16,870.85
Value0.00 Unchanged0 Low16,443.58
Trades0 Total0 Change-273.09

Tuesday, May 07 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,824.71
Volume30,264,350 Declines0 High16,913.22
Value1,967,238,305.00 Unchanged0 Low16,754.00
Trades0 Total0 Change34.31

Monday, May 06 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current16,790.40
Volume36,002,160 Declines0 High17,102.00
Value2,182,250,710.00 Unchanged0 Low16,771.97
Trades0 Total0 Change-287.07

Friday, May 03 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances0 Current17,077.47
Volume23,875,770 Declines0 High17,321.38
Value1,829,992,150.00 Unchanged0 Low17,051.63
Trades0 Total0 Change-240.94

Thursday, May 02 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances86 Current17,318.41
Volume21,131,200 Declines207 High17,484.82
Value1,516,082,059.00 Unchanged19 Low17,292.05
Trades39,019 Total312 Change-86.63

Tuesday, April 30 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances97 Current17,405.04
Volume43,768,900 Declines197 High17,575.06
Value2,860,346,062.00 Unchanged18 Low17,392.78
Trades68,751 Total312 Change-159.18

Monday, April 29 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances168 Current17,564.22
Volume73,760,800 Declines144 High17,820.28
Value4,030,436,020.00 Unchanged19 Low17,527.69
Trades90,919 Total331 Change-106.67

Friday, April 26 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances218 Current17,670.89
Volume67,735,360 Declines82 High17,716.20
Value3,495,647,391.00 Unchanged21 Low17,557.28
Trades93,190 Total321 Change103.48

Thursday, April 25 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances201 Current17,576.51
Volume46,847,510 Declines108 High17,642.16
Value2,858,171,718.00 Unchanged13 Low17,389.30
Trades70,947 Total322 Change187.21

Wednesday, April 24 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances126 Current17,389.30
Volume53,182,800 Declines167 High17,560.38
Value3,069,829,256.00 Unchanged21 Low17,296.96
Trades84,787 Total314 Change64.45

Tuesday, April 23 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances65 Current17,324.85
Volume50,474,670 Declines232 High17,550.81
Value3,441,168,774.00 Unchanged20 Low17,149.06
Trades75,959 Total317 Change-218.72

Monday, April 22 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances68 Current17,543.57
Volume43,937,120 Declines210 High17,848.91
Value2,758,512,406.00 Unchanged16 Low17,511.88
Trades78,915 Total294 Change-195.80

Friday, April 19 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances219 Current17,739.37
Volume85,088,580 Declines79 High18,000.54
Value4,821,258,548.00 Unchanged16 Low17,453.69
Trades83,490 Total314 Change280.84

Thursday, April 18 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances116 Current17,458.53
Volume99,364,560 Declines175 High17,506.04
Value3,282,069,066.00 Unchanged22 Low17,279.96
Trades84,853 Total313 Change50.89

Wednesday, April 17 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances67 Current17,407.64
Volume92,569,930 Declines265 High17,729.48
Value3,395,278,300.00 Unchanged17 Low17,377.48
Trades73,020 Total349 Change-287.21

Tuesday, April 16 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances139 Current17,694.85
Volume52,105,080 Declines176 High17,828.26
Value2,987,355,672.00 Unchanged23 Low17,682.95
Trades79,021 Total338 Change-58.27

Friday, April 12 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances253 Current17,650.55
Volume73,965,290 Declines63 High17,704.04
Value3,378,527,280.00 Unchanged16 Low17,344.42
Trades77,540 Total332 Change271.53

Thursday, April 11 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances160 Current17,379.02
Volume64,745,600 Declines128 High17,465.18
Value3,159,261,652.00 Unchanged28 Low17,208.87
Trades73,444 Total316 Change119.16

Wednesday, April 10 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances44 Current17,259.86
Volume43,500,520 Declines272 High17,577.62
Value2,765,365,220.00 Unchanged21 Low17,193.18
Trades60,805 Total337 Change-317.76

Tuesday, April 09 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances160 Current17,577.62
Volume71,094,800 Declines147 High17,683.24
Value4,208,084,646.00 Unchanged29 Low17,312.10
Trades83,300 Total336 Change104.34

Monday, April 08 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances57 Current17,473.28
Volume45,948,470 Declines265 High17,758.95
Value2,822,499,868.00 Unchanged15 Low17,397.88
Trades56,089 Total337 Change-261.30

Friday, April 05 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances142 Current17,734.58
Volume27,566,930 Declines140 High17,792.32
Value1,840,103,651.00 Unchanged16 Low17,642.83
Trades51,464 Total298 Change-1.82

Thursday, April 04 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances56 Current17,736.40
Volume38,176,420 Declines254 High17,994.76
Value2,139,085,796.00 Unchanged30 Low17,675.24
Trades54,377 Total340 Change-251.78

Wednesday, April 03 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances127 Current17,988.18
Volume36,980,750 Declines165 High18,043.30
Value2,345,312,138.00 Unchanged27 Low17,897.36
Trades57,360 Total319 Change1.11

Tuesday, April 02 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances76 Current17,987.07
Volume36,944,140 Declines220 High18,255.44
Value2,452,363,847.00 Unchanged23 Low17,921.13
Trades55,890 Total319 Change-145.44

Monday, April 01 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances59 Current18,132.51
Volume28,431,820 Declines220 High18,259.47
Value2,043,480,015.00 Unchanged16 Low18,087.04
Trades38,915 Total295 Change-126.96

Friday, March 29 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances166 Current18,259.47
Volume47,356,610 Declines119 High18,341.70
Value3,242,671,311.00 Unchanged22 Low18,171.29
Trades83,349 Total307 Change46.11

Thursday, March 28 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances79 Current18,213.36
Volume33,963,860 Declines218 High18,452.83
Value2,643,181,638.00 Unchanged15 Low18,148.75
Trades74,388 Total312 Change-239.47

Wednesday, March 27 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances245 Current18,452.83
Volume50,017,580 Declines65 High18,472.98
Value3,698,925,460.00 Unchanged21 Low18,139.52
Trades99,232 Total331 Change313.31

Tuesday, March 26 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances172 Current18,139.52
Volume29,491,900 Declines130 High18,163.74
Value2,281,402,352.00 Unchanged31 Low17,987.10
Trades65,794 Total333 Change99.06

Monday, March 25 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances62 Current18,040.46
Volume22,033,790 Declines219 High18,238.68
Value1,734,809,313.00 Unchanged21 Low18,008.18
Trades53,496 Total302 Change-198.22

Friday, March 22 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances133 Current18,238.68
Volume39,365,070 Declines155 High18,326.31
Value3,009,894,517.00 Unchanged27 Low18,118.72
Trades47,709 Total315 Change119.96

Thursday, March 21 2019 KSE-30

StateSuspended Advances121 Current18,118.72
Volume35,368,000 Declines184 High18,234.14
Value2,596,971,749.00 Unchanged16 Low18,019.79
Trades56,677 Total321 Change-74.48 helpline: +92-42-3631-4186 (10:30am to 5:30pm)