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Site update: September 27 2022, at 17:30 PKST
Stock update: September 27 2022.

Stock Market Index Information for PSXDIV20

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Index companies and valuations: KSE-100 KSE-30 KMI-30 PSX-KMI-ALL-SHARES PSXDIV20

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Tuesday, September 27 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances204 Current13,582.92
Volume13,986,183.00 Declines111 High13,599.11
Value1,111,159,034.00 Unchanged31 Low13,444.72
Trades121,234 Total346 Change115.02

Monday, September 26 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances234 Current13,467.90
Volume9,176,727.00 Declines85 High13,492.24
Value745,282,572.00 Unchanged24 Low13,365.25
Trades113,801 Total343 Change102.65

Friday, September 23 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances109 Current13,365.25
Volume13,927,781.00 Declines186 High13,515.66
Value948,439,784.00 Unchanged33 Low13,349.15
Trades89,966 Total328 Change-95.66

Thursday, September 22 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances115 Current13,460.91
Volume9,952,973.00 Declines221 High13,536.67
Value760,543,749.00 Unchanged19 Low13,353.01
Trades95,476 Total355 Change-52.60

Wednesday, September 21 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances109 Current13,513.51
Volume10,528,047.00 Declines207 High13,619.41
Value749,009,270.00 Unchanged24 Low13,476.38
Trades82,795 Total340 Change-60.58

Tuesday, September 20 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances101 Current13,574.09
Volume16,596,968.00 Declines217 High13,661.61
Value1,134,973,813.00 Unchanged26 Low13,550.14
Trades90,160 Total344 Change-86.44

Monday, September 19 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances96 Current13,660.53
Volume22,860,019.00 Declines220 High13,821.95
Value2,190,233,435.00 Unchanged24 Low13,643.08
Trades91,425 Total340 Change-135.54

Friday, September 16 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances112 Current13,796.07
Volume36,583,502.00 Declines201 High13,906.77
Value2,145,580,508.00 Unchanged20 Low13,759.47
Trades106,214 Total333 Change-86.80

Thursday, September 15 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances118 Current13,882.87
Volume18,429,486.00 Declines214 High14,095.11
Value1,184,988,758.00 Unchanged21 Low13,868.33
Trades121,714 Total353 Change-115.85

Wednesday, September 14 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances134 Current13,998.72
Volume11,936,056.00 Declines195 High14,024.80
Value736,127,256.00 Unchanged21 Low13,953.91
Trades82,162 Total350 Change17.92

Tuesday, September 13 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances151 Current13,980.80
Volume7,970,124.00 Declines162 High13,994.12
Value615,320,411.00 Unchanged29 Low13,922.63
Trades64,348 Total342 Change58.17

Monday, September 12 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances109 Current13,922.63
Volume7,291,034.00 Declines218 High13,983.83
Value655,888,183.00 Unchanged21 Low13,896.87
Trades73,260 Total348 Change25.76

Friday, September 09 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances168 Current13,896.87
Volume29,877,070.00 Declines140 High13,950.02
Value2,250,889,463.00 Unchanged33 Low13,787.55
Trades88,220 Total341 Change107.33

Thursday, September 08 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances150 Current13,789.54
Volume7,076,262.00 Declines158 High13,811.27
Value653,587,956.00 Unchanged25 Low13,745.17
Trades70,655 Total333 Change22.22

Wednesday, September 07 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances133 Current13,767.32
Volume8,373,063.00 Declines190 High13,867.96
Value591,795,446.00 Unchanged30 Low13,756.38
Trades59,933 Total353 Change-39.59

Tuesday, September 06 2022 PSXDIV20

StateSuspended Advances155 Current13,806.91
Volume9,108,946.00 Declines176 High13,857.53
Value703,244,585.47 Unchanged26 Low13,772.23
Trades78,564 Total357 Change-2.20 helpline: +92-42-3631-4186 (10:30am to 5:30pm)